Do you have:

Water in the basement?

Peeling paint?

Ice dams?

Tired old windows?

Cracks in the foundation?

Water stains?

New addition planned?

Conflicting estimates?

Our consulting services offer you clean, unbiased advice and analysis of every aspect of your current home, from structural concerns to heating, plumbing, roofing and even insulation.  If you are hiring a contractor for repairs or renovations, we can help you make an informed choice.

Many homeowners have questions about their dwellings and Ludwig Associates can provide speedy answers.  Are you altering or adding on to your home?  Have you received confusing bids for renovations or repairs?  Is your contractor doing the job right?  Do you really need those proposed expensive repairs? Answers to these questions can be obtained quickly and accurately by an on-site visit to your house. 
Resist high pressure sales tactics!  Find out what repairs and renovations you really need. Call Jerry for a second opinion!

Remember, we are independent consultants, with a commitment to giving you and your home an impartial, unbiased evaluation.  Jerry Ludwig and Ludwig Associates are not affiliated with any real estate, construction or supply firms. 

Jerry Ludwig